Video CMS

  • Bulk Video Upload Tool
  • Multi Lingual Support
  • SEO Management
  • Banner Management
  • Series Management


Content Monetization

  • Subscription VOD
  • Transactional VOD (PPV)
  • Ad VOD
  • Coupons And Promotions


DRM & Security

  • Device Restriction
  • Watermarking
  • AES Encryption
  • HTTPS/SSL Certficate


Geo Fencing

  • Country Based Prevention
  • Blocking An IP Address
  • IP Based Content Blocking


App Features

  • IOS And Android App
  • Adaptive Bitrate
  • Screen Cast
  • Watch History
  • My Playlist – Audio/Video
  • My Transaction


Payment Gateway

  • Multi Currency Support
  • User Billing Management
  • Payment Gateway


Cloud Encoding & Transcoding

  • Video Encoding
  • Video Transcoding
  • Support HLS
  • Adaptive Bitrate


CDN Support

  • CDN Support
  • Multi Location Support
  • Content Backup
  • Upload Content Via FTP


Video Marketing

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Notification
  • Social Publishing


Video Analytics

  • Live Dashboard Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Engagement Graph


Video CMS

Bulk Video Upload

Upload a single video file or import a library, CMS handles it effectively

Multi Lingual Support

Launch OTT in multiple languages at the same time or in your own local language

SEO Management

SEO optimizes the keywords most likely to be searched for a business so that the website is found

Create And Manage Dynamic Playlist

Create meaningful user experiences with intuitively built playlists that can be modified and updated

Category And Sub Category Management

Create and manage seperate categories for Movies and Tv shows

Banner Management

Easy banner management for categories and sub categories

Video Content Scheduling

Schedule video assets to create a sequence & enhance user engagement with potential subscribers

Series Management

Easily tv show seasons and episodes with the series manager

Cast And Crew Management

Manage Cast and Crew information of videos

YouTube Integration

Embed the videos from YouTube

Live Streaming

Stream to a live audience seamlessly over any bandwidth. Ensure an enjoyable streaming experience with state-of-the-art technology

Manage Ads – Pre/Mid/ Post And Google Ads

Leverage the Ad-supported video-on-demand or live streaming platforms with ad supports like pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, and third-party video Ad servers like SpotXchange, Doubleclick & more

Reports & Analytics

Track and analyse the performance of Content. Check user engagement and revenues

Push Notification

Remind about New and exclusive videos to users with short pop-up messages

Content Monetization

Subscription VOD

Monetize videos with a subscription model consisting of several plans like monthly charge, quarterly, annually, or depending on the user’s preferred time duration. Manage multiple subscription plans

Pay-Per-View (PPV)

Charge viewers with one time fee to access any sort of content. Sell videos, movies, or restrict the access through a number of views for any particular content


Leverage the Ad-supported video On Demand or live streaming platforms with ad supports like pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, and third-party video Ad servers like SpotXchange, Doubleclick & more

Coupons And Promotions

Generate promotional codes and coupons to offer discounts

Third-Party Ad Integration

Collaborate with third-party ad managers to push ads to the platform and track performance of monetization

DRM & Security

End To End Encryption

Video DRM solution provides secure streaming support for professional broadcasting

Device Restriction

Take control over how users access service by imposing the device limits and account restrictions

Secure Offline Download In Mobile

Ensure safe downloads over mobile, the content is secure against piracy even when downloaded offline

Screen Record And Capture Prevention

We control unethical screen capturing and defeat it with its chain distribution process

Secure Audio/Video Storage

Videos are encrypted without compromising playback quality, leading to lower storage costs

Multiple DRM Platforms

Data Rights Management serves as security support to the crucial VOD


Add watermarks on videos to ensure propriety and brand name remains intact

AES Encryption

Powered by AES, it renders a strong, symmetric encryption algorithm which ensures your copyrighted content is protected from end-to-end

HTTPS/SSL Certficate

Ensure secure cryptographic key exchange with SSL certificates by creating a secure connection between servers and browsers when personal information is being transmitted

Single Sign On

Initiate SSO system to authenticate user credentials quickly and provide customers with ease of use by utilising only one set of login credentials for any website

Geo Fencing

Country Based Site Prevention

Restrict that website to a particular country or region

Blocking An IP Address

Restrict that website to a particular IP Address

Country Based Content Blocking

Restrict that particular content to a country or region

IP Based Video Content Blocking

Restrict that particular content to a particular IP

App Features

IOS And Android App

Get a native Android and iOS app with your own branding for screens of all sizes

Multi Language Subtitle Support

Add multiple subtitles to the content in just a few clicks

Multi Language Audio Support

Allow your end-users to watch their favourite series or movie in their native language by uploading video files with multiple audio tracks

Adaptive Bitrate

Defeat buffering by advanced ABR technology. Deliver over any network and adjust content quality on the fly in line with each user’s bandwidth

Screen Cast

Let your viewers watch their favourite TV Shows, Movies & Videos from your streaming platform on the comfort and luxury of a Big Screen TV

Signup And Registration

Make sign-up convenient for users with a range of options, including Mobile number with OTP and social media registration

AI Powered Recommendation

AI powered Recommendation engage the user to watch the content

Multiple Profiles

Allow your users to create multiple profiles and manage the content

Watch History

Retains the watch history of users

My Playlist – Audio/Video

Users can custom create their own playlists too. An end-user can browse through your content library and pick the content they like and add to their playlists

Content – Like/Share

Let users like their favourite Videos and share with Other

Content – Comment And Rating

Allow users to rate comments either on a numbered or a star-based scale


Let users save the Videos to watchlist to watch later

Continue Watching

Making it convenient to user to pick up where they left off the video previously

Parental Control

Simple yet powerful parental control option is built to restrict child to watch the content as maturity ratings

Offline Download

Offline viewing option where users can watch videos even without net connection through portable devices

Payment Gateway & Billing Management

Multiple Payment Gateways

Integrate your preferred gateways and easily collect payments

Multi Currency Support

Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways for accepting payments globally and via various modes

User Billing Management

Stay assured with end-to-end management of users subscription billing lifecycle. Get paid on time with an automated recurring billing

Cloud Encoding & Transcoding

Encoding Of Multiple Video Formats

Lightning fast encoding processes that provide swift uploads and seamless video streams

Transcoding Of Videos Into Multiple Resolutions

Video transcoding software provides limitless potential, scaling instantly according to the size of video clusters

HLS Transcoding

Transcode any codec into HLS instantly in multiple bitrates, formats to get support on multiple platforms, devices and browsers

CDN Support

Support Of Content Delivery Network

Cloud-based CDN distributes live video and audio in a seamless manner, lowering network latency and reducing server costs by leveraging edge servers to optimize bitrates according to network speeds

Support Of Multi Storage Location

Support of multi storage location on Cloud based CDN

Upload Content Via FTP And SSH

Upload content via FTP and secured SSH

Video Marketing

Email Marketing

Pre-defined email templates to handle the marketing messages to subscription renewals

Social Media Integration

Seamless integration of all the major Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube etc


Notifying the user the latest releases and updated content to platform

Social Publishing

Share the posts for latest released content and upcoming shows

Metadata Management

Make entire content discoverable and search-friendly by optimizing the meta description of the content

Video Analytics

Live Dashboard Analytics

The dashboard is the first thing come when log in to OTT admin panel, and the main hub for activity, sales, revenue, new users and downloads

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytics tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purpose

Engagement Graph

Engagement graph show how an individual played the media. The engagement it also allows see how the whole audience is playing the content